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is a Montana native, a wife, a mother of two who has the heart to serve barrel racers and meet them where they are without judgment.


Heather's ever-growing blog and Instagram helps barrel racers from all over - with their common questions, she shares her stories and tips from how to start barrel racing to conditioning the barrel horse.


Over the last 10+ years of barrel racing she has learned (most of the the time the hard way) and grown into a 1D barrel racer. On her journey to become the best barrel racer she could be, she has studied barrel racing, learned from a world champion coach, earned a certificate in Equine Sports Massage Therapy, listened to hours of books to improve her mental game and life, and lost 40+ pounds after having her son.

Heather understands what it feels like to want to quit, to sit in her truck with tears streaming down her face.


She understands what it is like to enter a barrel race with her new horse, feel so excited, then everything falls apart, to tip a barrel or two (whoops) and leave the arena and feel like she was a failure.


She knows what it is like to have barrel racers coming up and saying, if she "changed" your bit, your saddle, your feed, give them this supplement, and none of it works...


Her experiences and thoughts are shared through out all of her programs, to help other barrel racers who may be going through similar experiences.

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